About KAI

Kingdom Awakening International 

About KAI

Kingdom Awakening International is a ministry birth forth out of a clear mandate from God. We are an apostolic and prophetic community with the mandate to teach the unadulterated gospel of the kingdom. 

We aim to build a territorial, multiracial, multicultural and multiethnic kingdom community of saints, with spiritual capacity and momentum who are vibrant, focused, productive and progressive with an unconditional commitment to the Lordship of Christ in every aspect of life, and exchanging the values of the world for the standard of God’s Kingdom.

From its inception in South Africa in the year 2001, the mandate is boldly advancing beyond geographical boundaries. Established on April 28, 2019 in the city of Breaux Bridge, LA, United States, KAI continues to fulfill her mandate regionally and globally.


Join the Millennials, they are doing great exploits for the kingdom. Check out their podcasts here…


Engaging and provoking minds towards spiritual maturation, kingdom advancement and societal relevance. 


We aim to empower young people to become leaders who make a positive impact in the world by sharing the gospel, serving their communities, and pursuing excellence in all ramification of life. 

We seek to create a dynamic and welcoming community where young people can grow in their relationship with God, develop meaningful connections with others, and discover their unique purpose and calling in life.

We aim to inspire and equip young people to live out their faith boldly, authentically, and joyfully, as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of youth and beyond.


If you are in the region, fellowship with us in person this week or join our live cyber church services.

We are big enough to accommodate you and small enough to recognize you!

Our Leaders

Apostle Benhail E. Chris

Senior Pastor

Pastor Cicily Leblanc- Chris


Pastor Betty Isaac

Associate Pastor

Sister Felicia Brown

Leader Children’s Ministry

Minister Shawn Latula

Ministerial Associate